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Finance and General Purposes 2017


The prime responsibility of the Committee is the finances of the Parish Council. The Committee are responsible for annual budgeting, advising the Parish Council on the amount of the Annual Precept and the maintenance of the Parish Council’s Financial Reserves. The Committee also take responsibility for all contractual matters and advise on all legal aspects such as lease agreements. The Committee also maintains the Parish Council’s Web Site.    


Councillors Radmall, Mrs Hall, Higson, Mrs Salter, Atkins 


Agendas and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
14th March 2017   Minutes 14th March 2017 [pdf] 74KB
25th April 2017 Agenda 25th April 2017 [pdf] 106KB  
13th June 2017   Minutes 13th June 2017 [pdf] 73KB
25th July 2017 Agenda 25th July 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 601KB Minutes 25th July 2017 [pdf] 73KB
5th September 2017 Agenda 5th September 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 463KB Minutes 5th September 2017 [pdf] 73KB
17th October 2017

Agenda 17th October 2017 [pdf] 107KB

 Background Document - SSB [pdf] 327KB

Balance Sheet as at 31_08_2017 [pdf] 14KB

Balance Sheet as at 30_09_2017 [pdf] 14KB

Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 11_09_2017 [pdf] 59KB

Detailed Income & Expenditure by Budget Heading 05_10_2017 [pdf] 59KB

Earmarked Reserves 31.08.17 [pdf] 11KB

Earmarked Reserves September 2017 [pdf] 11KB

Trial Balance for Current Year 31.08.17 [pdf] 27KB\

Trial Balance for Current Year 300917 [pdf] 28KB

ABPmer P12360 02Oct17 (proposal) [pdf] 383KB

Pooling_agreement - SSB Revised [pdf] 94KB

Invoice Payments 2017-18 [xls] 119KB

28th November 2017   Minutes 28th November 2017 [pdf] 76KB
12th December 2017 Agenda 12th December 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 396KB  


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