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Highways and Amenities 2016


The Highways and Amenity Committee monitor the appearance and facilities in the village. They advise on all highway matters, including public rights of way, and continually lobby for maintenance and road safety improvements throughout the parish. As a Committee they are responsible for looking after the Parish Council’s Assets including children’s play areas, benches, bus shelters and the village duck pond.    


Councillors Mrs Allard, Atkins, Huntley, Radmall, James, Mrs Salter and Mrs Rowles


Agendas and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
19th January 2016 Agenda 19th January 2016 [pdf] 108KB Minutes 19th January 2016 [pdf] 372KB
1st March 2016 Agenda 1st March 2016 [pdf] 109KB Draft Minutes 1st March 2016 [pdf] 98KB
12th April 2016 Agenda 12th April 2016 [pdf] 107KB Minutes 12th April 2016 [pdf] 227KB
31st May 2016 Agenda 31st May 2016 [pdf] 110KB Minutes 31st May 2016 [pdf] 225KB
12th July 2016 Agenda 12th July 2016 [pdf] 109KB Minutes 12th July 2016 [pdf] 234KB
23rd August 2016 Agenda 23rd August 2016 [pdf] 108KB Minutes 23rd August 2016 [pdf] 94KB
4th October 2016 Agenda 4th October 2016 [pdf] 108KB Minutes 4th October 2016 [pdf] 103KB
15th November 2016   Minutes 15th November 2016 [pdf] 104KB


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