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Planning Committee 2013


The Planning committee has no formal powers but are consulted by, and make recommendations to, Arun District Council on all planning applications within the parish.  They also deal with coastal erosion and surface water drainage issues.


Councillors Balch, Bird, Cole, Huntley, Radmall and Mrs Hall


Agendas and Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
8th January 2013 Agenda 8th January 2013 [pdf] 407KB Minutes 8th January 2013 [pdf] 421KB
22nd January 2013 Agenda 22nd January 2013 [pdf] 320KB Minutes 22nd January 2013 [pdf] 415KB
5th February 2013 Agenda 5th February 2013 [pdf] 334KB Minutes 5th February 2013 [pdf] 478KB
19th February 2013 Agenda 19th February 2013 [pdf] 308KB Minutes 19th February 2013 [pdf] 264KB
5th March 2013 Agenda 5th March 2013 [pdf] 332KB Minutes 5th March 2013 [pdf] 452KB
19th March 2013 Agenda 19th March 2013 [pdf] 305KB Minutes 19th March 2013 [pdf] 601KB
2nd April 2013 Agenda 2nd April 2013 [pdf] 99KB Minutes 2nd April 2013 [pdf] 864KB
16th April 2013 Agenda 16th April 2013 [pdf] 350KB Minutes 16th April 2013 [pdf] 788KB
30th April 2013 Agenda 30th April 2013 [pdf] 97KB Minutes 30th April 2013 [pdf] 137KB
14th May 2013 Agenda 14th May 2013 [pdf] 358KB Minutes 14th May 2013 [pdf] 952KB
28th May 2013 Agenda 28th May 2013 [pdf] 297KB Minutes 28th May 2013 [pdf] 312KB
11th June 2013 Agenda 11th June 2013 [pdf] 366KB Minutes 11th June 2013 [pdf] 689KB
25th June 2013 Agenda 25th June 2013 [pdf] 317KB Minutes 25th June 2013 [pdf] 438KB
9th July 2013 Agenda 9th July 2013 [pdf] 360KB Minutes 9th July 2013 [pdf] 641KB
23rd July 2013 Agenda 23rd July 2013 [pdf] 365KB Minutes 23rd July 2013 [pdf] 687KB
6th August 2013 Agenda 6th August 2013 [pdf] 379KB  
20th August 2013 Agenda 20th August 2013 [pdf] 320KB Minutes 20th August 2013 [pdf] 441KB
3rd September 2013 Agenda 3rd September 2013 [pdf] 96KB Minutes 3rd September 2013 [pdf] 922KB
17th September 2013 Agenda 17th September 2013 [pdf] 309KB Minutes 17th September 2013 [pdf] 622KB
1st October 2013 Cancelled  
15th October 2013 Agenda 15th October 2013 [pdf] 361KB Minutes 15th October 2013 [pdf] 829KB
29th October 2013 Agenda 29th October 2013 [pdf] 344KB Minutes 29th October 2013 [pdf] 891KB
12th November 2013 Agenda 12th November 2013 [pdf] 345KB Minutes 12th November 2013 [pdf] 305KB
26th November 2013 Cancelled  
3rd December  2013 Agenda 3rd December 2013 [pdf] 399KB Minutes 3rd December 2013 [pdf] 393KB


Pagham Planning Applications in the last 7 days

No row returned means there are none at present. This list shows applications registered in the last 7 days. For more applications go to www.arun.gov.uk/planning

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