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Planning Committee 2017


The Planning committee has no formal powers but are consulted by, and make recommendations to, Arun District Council on all planning applications within the parish.  They also deal with coastal erosion and surface water drainage issues.


Councillors Mrs Allard, Cole, Hailey, Huntley, Radmall, Higson,  and Mrs Hall

Planning Committee
Date Agenda Minutes
3rd January 2017 Agenda 3rd January 2017 [pdf] 114KB Minutes 3rd January 2017 [pdf] 89KB
17th January 2017 Agenda 17th January 2017 [pdf] 112KB Minutes 17th January 2017 [pdf] 85KB
31st January 2017 Agenda 31st January 2107 with supporting papers [pdf] 8MB Minutes 31st January 2017 [pdf] 98KB
14th February 2017 Agenda 14th February 2017 [pdf] 117KB Minutes 14th February 2017 [pdf] 103KB
28th February 2017 Agenda 28th February 2017 [pdf] 114KB Minutes 28th February 2017 [pdf] 98KB
14th March 2017 Agenda 14th March 2017 [pdf] 113KB Minutes 14th March 2017 [pdf] 92KB
28th March 2017 Agenda 28th March 2017 [pdf] 119KB Minutes 28th March 2017 [pdf] 93KB
11th April 2017 Agenda 11th April 2017 [pdf] 115KB Minutes 11th April 2017 [pdf] 94KB
25th April 2017 Agenda 25th April 2017 [pdf] 112KB Minutes 25th April 2017 [pdf] 92KB
16th May 2017 Agenda 16th May 2017 [pdf] 114KB Minutes 16th May 2017 [pdf] 93KB
30th May 2017 Agenda 30th May 2017 [pdf] 114KB Minutes 30th May 2017 [pdf] 84KB
13th June 2017 Agenda 13th June 2017 [pdf] 154KB Minutes 13th June 2017 [pdf] 86KB
27th June 2017 Agenda 27th June 2017 [pdf] 113KB Minutes 27th June 2017 [pdf] 93KB
11th July 2017 Agenda 11th July 2017 [pdf] 126KB Minutes 11th July 2017 [pdf] 94KB
25th July 2017 Agenda 25th July 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 6MB Minutes 25th July 2017 [pdf] 86KB
8th August 2017 Agenda 8th August 2017 [pdf] 123KB Minutes 8th August 2017 [pdf] 84KB
22nd August 2017 Agenda 22nd August 2017 [pdf] 114KB Minutes 22nd August 2017 [pdf] 86KB
5th September 2017 Agenda 5th September 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 144KB Minutes 5th September 2017 [pdf] 85KB
19th September 2017 Agenda 19th September 2017 [pdf] 113KB Minutes 19th September 2017 [pdf] 82KB
3rd October 2017 Agenda 3rd October 2017 [pdf] 114KB Minutes 3rd October 2017 [pdf] 84KB
17th October 2017

Agenda 17th October 2017 [pdf] 117KB

Community Housing Project for Pagham 121017 [pdf] 26KB

31st October 2017   Minutes 31st October 2017 [pdf] 82KB
14th November 2017 Agenda 14th November 2017 [pdf] 113KB Minutes 14th November 2017 [pdf] 82KB
28th November 2017 Agenda 28th November 2017 [pdf] 115KB Minutes 28th November 2017 [pdf] 86KB
12th December 2017 Agenda 12th December 2017 with supporting papers [pdf] 1MB Minutes 12th December 2017 [pdf] 85KB


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