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Pagham Neighbourhood Plan

 Work commenced on a Neighbourhood Plan for Pagham (PNP) over 5 years ago, involving over 30 local individuals and Councillors who prepared a draft document for consideration by Arun District Council and subsequent submission to an Inspector for approval.

During ADC’s review process, it was decided that further work was required to understand the environmental impact of the proposals contained in the PNP and studies were undertaken.  After these had been completed and revisions made to the PNP, Arun District Council announced that there would be two major strategic housing sites in Pagham (Pagham North and Pagham South) included in its Local Plan.  As the PNP and Local Plan were therefore at considerably at odds, the Parish Council felt it could not progress with the PNP at that time.

Recognising the importance of a neighbourhood plan, the Council has, in conjunction with its Planning Consultant, produced a new plan for 2020-2030. The Plan will be advertised and consulted on in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning In accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan (General) Regulations 2012.

We welcome any comments you may have. Comments should be forwarded in writing to The Clerk to Pagham Parish Council, The Village Hall, Pagham Road, Pagham, West Sussex PO21 4NJ.

Regulation 14 Consultation July 2020: